Access the link, once inside you can register and log in using Google, Facebook or Apple (for mobile) authentications. You can also access it with an email account and click at the bottom where it says Register now.

At the moment it is a manual process within our platform, and it usually takes hours. The maximum estimated time is 24 hours.

No, we are an open platform, where we want to highlight the charm of each person to tell the story of any place regardless of your profession, or whether you are certified or not.

No, you can generate all the content you want.

Within the platform, in the panel on the left side you will find a section called My payments. Here you can check everything about your transactions.

No, however we do recommend that if you manage to make money with our platforms you consider paying the corresponding tax on that income.

Kundall's billing policy specifies that in order to start receiving the income associated with your Tours, you must generate more than € 20 in profits. When you have exceeded this threshold, it will be paid at the end of the current month.

For more information you can check the Condition of Use document

Yes, the money you generate with us will be deposited into your bank account once you have exceeded the defined income threshold.

For more information you can check the Billing document

Yes, you have all the freedom to upload your content in the language or languages ​​of your choice.

We use this validation process to ensure that the content is suitable for all users, we confirm that it does not contain any offensive, threatening, denigrating, racist message among many other things.

This process usually takes hours, however at the moment the maximum that could take is 2 calendar days.

Kundall keeps 50% of the Tour's turnover after taxes and commissions

For more information you can check the Billing document

Yes, currently to replicate a site but in another language you must start the entire process.

Yes, you can create Tours of any country, city, region and / or place. In this case, we suggest that the information you provide in audio and in writing is as accurate as possible.

When you decide to unsubscribe from the platform, from that moment your Tours will no longer be available to the public, from our side we disable any associated purchase and your Tours are deactivated. However, anyone who has already made a purchase of your tour will still be able to use it.

Discount codes will depend on the scenario. We currently work with the Guide's own Discount Codes, Affiliate Discount Codes and Kundall's own Discount Codes.

For more information you can check the Billing document

The graphic and written materials sent by the guides through the means that are made available on the website are the property of the user who affirms by sending them their legitimate authorship and assigns the rights of reproduction and distribution to Kundall.


Yes, there are free tours in the application. This is a decision of each guide to publish or not a Tour with cost 0.

No, at the moment it is not mandatory to have the GPS on. In this first version of Kundall we do not use geolocation

Not necessarily, from Kundall we recommend that you download the Tour from a reliable network (WIFI Hotels, coffee shops) and so do not use your data while roaming. We even advise that you make the purchase and download the content before traveling.

If you have not done this, you could use the data service in Roaming to download it at the time you want.

For any problems that you present with the application, whether it is operational or payment, you must contact the following email address: [email protected]

We recommend that you contact us directly to evaluate your case. You must contact the following email address [email protected].

For any problem with payments and application of codes please contact us at the address [email protected]

Currently at kundall we do not have a direct sale or ticket reservation service. We are working to include it.

Verify that you are using the mailbox of the account with which you have logged into the platform. Once this is confirmed, we recommend that you check the Spam tray of your email.

If you are still having problems please contact us at [email protected]

Yes, once you have purchased a tour you can enjoy it at any time.